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We help our users cook hyped items, such as your favorite AIO Bots, sneakers, and apparel. We also provide Twitter monitors with the fastest monitors available. We also equip our users with an extremely fast extension tool for drops with an AIO tool.


The Bot Bible Extension

Designed with speed, and efficiency in mind

- Link opener with multiple Chrome profile support

- A Discord Nitro claimer which scans every single server you are in for Nitros to claim

- Extremely fast Discord Invite Claimer allowing users to claim limited invites with ease

- Ability to bypass the Discord TOS by allowing users to change which account claims the Discord invite or Nitros

Our F.A.Q

Below, you can find out answers to the most commonly asked questions. If you have any other questions, please contact us.

What sites do you support?

We support a variety of sites with different platforms and payment processors such as Stripe, Shopify, Supreme and many more.

We provide AIO autofill and Auto-checkout tools supporting numerous sites and a toolkit consisting most notably of an Auto Link Opener, Invite Joiner, and Discord Nitro Sniper.

We will restock via our twitter @TheBotBible so turn on notifications for your next chance!

Yes, our users have made over $10,000 (and counting) in profits from bot flipping

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